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K.E-safe exists for the public's elevator safety. We will create a K.E-safe that is well-loved by the public through our management philosophy that implements 'first-class safety', 'happiness management', and strengthens 'global competencies'. Korea Elevator Safety Institute President Park Nark-Jo

Nowadays, elevators are the most commonly used mode of transportation in people’s everyday lives.

At this very moment many people are taking elevators in apartment complexes, subways, airports, shopping centers, and hospitals.

K.E-safe is a semi-governmental institution founded in 1992 to systematically manage elevator safety.
K.E-safe is conducting

  • ① legal elevator safety inspection
  • ② education, publishing and promotion for elevator safety
  • ③ survey, research and technological development
  • ④ development and training of technical workforce
  • ⑤ integrated management of elevator safety information
  • ⑥ international exchange and cooperation, and
  • ⑦ diagnosis, supervision, and consultations on elevators, escalators and mechanical parking systems in compliance with the “Elevator Facilities Safety Management Act.”

To mark the 20th anniversary of K.E-safe’s establishment, new innovations are being created. First, K.E-safe is undergoing organization restructuring to become legal-orientated system and new projects are being created and promoted. K.E-safe also opened its Customer Call Counseling Phone Line (1566-1277), launched the Children’s Elevator Safety Network, and published the monthly elevator magazine, ELESTOR. In addition, K.E-safe held the “Korea Elevator Safety Expo,” a professional, world-class elevator exhibition, which is another example of K.E-safe’s exceptional performance. K.E-safe’s top goal is to ensure the safety and convenience of people who use elevators. K.E-safe will continue to strive towards this goal.

Thank you.

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